International Day of Body Music 2023

Sunday, February 5, 2023

First Sunday in february every year

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The International Day of Body Music is an effort to promote the artform and grow the Body Music community on all levels – local, regional, national and international. In our inaugural event FEB 6 2022 – we had 40 events in 20 countries participating!

The International Body Music Festival invites participation in the International Day of Body Music, to be held the First Sunday of February, annually.  This event also commemorates the anniversary of the passing of our dear Fernando Barba, the creator of Barbatuques.

The idea is that Body Music will be going on simultaneously in communities all over the world during a 24 hour period. PLAN AHEAD for the First Sunday in February next year! Ideally the events would be live in person, building community where you are.

**NOTE: Events are produced by YOU, live or online. We only promote and list all events that happen around the world!**

  • Body Music is defined broadly – including singing, body percussion, rhythm dance, even body music combined with other musical instruments.
  • Your Body Music activity can have any form you like (performance, workshop, jam, screening, etc.) large or small scale.
  • It’s up to you what you present and how long the event runs, live or online, local or broad based, and if you will charge or offer for free. The invitation is open!
  • NOTE: If you are submitting a pre-recorded video, it should be submitted as a YouTube premier or Facebook watch party – the kind of event where you invite people to chat and discuss while watching – inviting participation and building community.


Let’s continue to grow the Body Music community from the inside out. 

Will you host a Body Music event on this special day each year?


WHAT: International Day of Body Music

WHEN: Every year on the first Sunday of February.

WHO: Anyone who wants to host a Body Music Event of any kind

WHERE: Live in person in your community, or online

HOW: When submissions open, you can submit details of your event, including links for more info or how people can join.

WHY: To build and sustain the Body Music community – locally and globally.

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