International Body Music Festival
Keith Terry and Fernando Barba at a past IBMF
About IBMF
The International Body Music Festival was founded in 2008 by Artistic Director Keith Terry, and is a project of Crosspulse, an Oakland-based non-profit arts organization dedicated to the performance, recording and education of cross-cultural rhythmic arts. The IBMF is produced in the San Francisco Bay Area every two years, and by our international partners in the interim years.

The IBMF features contemporary and traditional Body Music plus new, IBMF-commissioned collaborative projects -- presented in Concerts, Workshops, Teacher Trainings, Lecture-Demonstration, Body Music Open-Mic, Family Matinee, and in-school Assembly Programs. The IBMF also offers touring programs, and MiniFests of shorter duration. CONTACT US if you would like an IBMF MiniFest in your city - packages available and programmed.

Artistic Director: Keith Terry
Executive Director: Evie Ladin
Project Manager: Maude Wilson
Production Manager: Cecilia Engelhart
Media: Andrew Reissiger
Merchandising: Dan Kluger
Graphic Design: Debbie Berne
Webmaster: Jeni Paltiel
Hospitality: Fe Bongolan, Valerie Gutwirth
Volunteer Coordinator: Jen Tait
Photo/Video: Kiazad Ehya, Mike Melnyk

The International Body Music Festival is supported in part by:

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Oakland Cultural Arts Fund
Walter & Elise Haas Foundation
The Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
East Bay Community Foundation
Zellerbach Family Foundation
Bill Graham Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund
Westaf's TourWest
California Arts Council
W.A. Gerbode Foundation
Clorox Company Foundation
Alliance for California Traditional Arts,
(in partnership with Walter & Elise Haas Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, James Irvine Foundation and the Surdna Foundation),
Canarias Crea Program
And individual donors.


Bogatin, Corman & Gold, Bill Martinez, Valerie Gutwirth, Yasai Market, Trader Joe's College Ave, Star Market, The Garden Project, Berkeley Bowl, Cole Coffee, Thomas & Denisia Eusterbrock, Diane & Tom Ferlatte, Eric & Suzy Thompson, Rebecca Kleinmann, Mickey Ellinger, Aidan & Rachel Wylde, Alex Feng & Charlene Ossler, Jackeline Rago

Art's Automotive, Konrad Alt, Mary Ford, Hilary Perkins, Abby Ladin, Allegra Yellin, Anita Goldstein, Annette Bauer, Arthur Ratner, Aysu Erdogdu, Badi Assad, Catalina Maria Johnson, Elaine Westlake, Eve Lindi, Gregory Valter, Helen McMillin, Hilary Perkins, Jill Weed, Jim Hogan, Joyce Rybandt, Karin Mcclune, Kaye Anderson, Kristi Smiley, Laura Bohigas, Leslie Jackson, Linda Carr, Lynn Dally, Mary Ford & Rob Lewis, Phoebe Ackley, R Joel Denney, Ruth Mankin, Sam Rogers, Sheila Sharpe

MORE FRIENDS: Kimi Okada, Julie Fry, Frances Phillips, Jose Hernandez in the office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Emiko Susilo, Gamelan Sekar Jaya, Joelle Yzquierdo, Alyssa DeCaro, Doug Goodkin, James Harding, Sofia Ibor-Lopez, James Hogan, Mount Allen, Rebeca Mauleon, Steve Snider, Patrick Clendenen, Denise Pate, Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association, Thomas Cavanagh, Steve Huss

PARTNERS: Berkeley High School, University of California, Berkeley, Destiny Arts Center, The San Francisco School, First Unitarian Church Oakland, Youth Radio, Loring Cafe, Awaken Cafe, SFJAZZ, Geoffrey's, the Freight & Salvage, Kitka
"From all corners of the joyful body"
— National Geographic

Mr. Terry and his colleagues in action is like visiting an ANATOMICAL CARNIVAL, where hands, feet, fingers, bellies, rumps and mouths engage in an endless MUSICAL BALLET.
— Wall Street Journal

The risers shook as the crowd stomped euphoric approval.
— San Francisco Chronicle

Past Festivals:

2022 International day Of Body Music
2020 Body Music East Bay
2018 Bay Area, US
2018 Ghana, Africa
2017 MiniFest#3 Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada
2017 MiniFest#2 Athens, Greece
2017 MiniFest#1 Recife, Brazil 48hr Radio Marathon
2016 Paris, France
2015 MiniFest CA, US
2015 Bali, Indonesia
2014 MiniFest Terni, Italy
2013 California, US
2012 Istanbul, Turkey
2011 California, US
2010 MiniFest, CA, US
2010 São Paulo, Brazil
2009 California, US
2008 California, US


2018 Celebrity Series Boston, Massachusetts, US and The Dance Hall Kittery, Maine, US
2018 Icicle, Leavenworth, Washington, US
2016 Paris, France
2015 Terni, Italy
2015 Tenerife, Las Canarias, Spain
2013 Boston
Wellesley and Berklee Colleges, Mass.
2010 Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, NYC

And In Association With:

BAMP, Italy
Body Music Brazil, Brazil
Hip Tap Project
Tapmotif, Greece