International Body Music Festival
IBMF 7 in Bali - July 3-12, 2015

7th International Body Music Festival - Bali, Indonesia - 3-12 July 2015
ke-7 Festival Musik Tubuh Internasional

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Click here to download IBMF 2015 poster (PDF) CONCERT tickets ONLY available AT THE DOOR, on a first-come first-served basis.
Village shows in Gianyar are FREE to KTP holders, Rp 150,000 for non-KTP holders.

WORKSHOPS at the Suly Resort and Spa, most mornings during the festival, two levels per time period (see SCHEDULE for details).
Rp 50,000 for KTP holders, Rp 150,000 for non-KTP holders.

An IBMF like no other, your Bali Body Music Adventure is NINE days of concerts, workshops and cultural exchange with some of the world's finest contemporary and traditional Body Musicians, PLUS visits to five villages throughout the Gianyar Regency, the Bali Arts Festival, ceremonies, temples, tours to Bali's famous volcano and East Bali's Bali Aga village, the opportunity to study Balinese dance, gamelan, offering-making, and if you prefer to relax, visits to a spa or the beach. The week ends with an IBMF-commissioned Colossal Kecak, directed by I Wayan Dibia, featuring 400 Balinese artists. JOIN US for ALL or part of the festival.

IBMF BALI SEAT on the BUS Includes:

  • 11 nights at the Suly Resort Hotel - Check in July 2, Check out July 13 (where some rehearsals will take place, and where all the artists are staying). This hotel has a free on-site training school for economically disadvantaged youth as part of its CSR, and boasts its own full gamelan set.
  • Five workshops of Kecak in five villages
  • Workshops of Body Music from all over the world. You will be in the same classes as the local Cakkers so this is a great opportunity to get to know Balinese (and brush up on your Bahasa Indonesia!)
  • Three meals a day. You'll imbibe the famous nasi bungkus or "rice in a banana leaf" when you have dinner with the villagers after your kecak and body music workshops.
  • Five concerts of Body Music and Kecak, etc., plus our IBMF concert at the Bali Arts Festival.
  • Colossal Kecak show --a special IBMF commission featuring 400 Balinese artists.
  • After-parties at Ubud's hottest clubs.
  • Three days of cultural activities (tour, art classes or spa)
  • Airport pick-up and departure
Your SEAT on the BUS includes transportation to all program related activities.

We'll pick you up at the Denpasar airport as early as July 2 and return you on July 13. July is high summer season in Bali so we advise you to get your air travel as soon as possible. ALSO - Galungan, the high holy days of Hindu Bali, begins on July 15. The entire island is festooned with bamboo penjor, barongs parade in the streets, and people are dressed in their finest. You may want to consider staying a few extra days to experience Galungan.

Buy a SEAT on the IBMF BUS
AFTER MAY 15 Cost is $1650 (Airfare not Included)
To purchase through PAYPAL ($50 service fee), click BUY TICKETS above.
To purchase by mail with no service fee, send a check or international money order in US$ to:
PO Box 3388
Oakland, California USA 94609

From tundra to tropics, people snap, clap, step and sing artful music. BODY MUSIC ignites audiences with music you can SEE, dance you can HEAR - it's the oldest music on the planet, and it's brand new. Founded in 2008 by Oakland, CA-based arts non-profit Crosspulse and Artistic Director Keith Terry, the International Body Music Festival is the only gathering of its kind, featuring traditional and contemporary Body Music artists from across the globe. The IBMF is presented in the San Francisco Bay Area every other year, and by international partners in the interim years: Brazil, Turkey, now Indonesia!

Contemporary Body Music was introduced to audiences in Bali and Java in 1985, when Keith Terry performed with Gamelan Sekar Jaya at PKB, the Bali Arts Festival. In 1980 Keith Terry and I Wayan Dibia began developing a contemporary hybrid integrating Body Music and Kecak which they named Body Tjak (using the Dutch/phonetic spelling of Cak). There have been four different BODY TJAK projects since that time (1990, 1999, 2002, 2013). These multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural collaborations celebrate the artistic body through movement, rhythm, sound and voice, mixing Balinese, Javanese, and Sundanese artists with North and South Americans.

BODY TJAK 13 (2013) is a collaboration between Crosspulse ensemble Corposonic, Brazil's Barbatuques and Indonesia's Cudamani that premiered in San Francisco. Coming full circle, Body Tjak 13 will be performed at the PKB to kick off the 7th International Body Music Festival, July 3, 2015. Crosspulse is honored to have participated in this long-standing relationship with so many outstanding Indonesian artists. Bringing IBMF to Bali is a special event, completing a 35-year cycle of collaboration. Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you to our funders and sponsors, our small, hard working Crosspulse staff, and the volunteers and artists who make IBMF Bali come to life!

Artistic Directors: I Wayan Dibia and Keith Terry
Indonesia Producer: Rucina Ballinger
Executive Director: Evie Ladin
Project Manager: Andrew Reissiger
Tour Manager: Maude Wilson
Production Manager: Cecilia Engelhart
Sound: Maya Finlay
Graphics: Debbie Berne, Dewa Berata
Webmaster: Jeni Paltiel
Media Partner: Akarumput
Intern: Gindla McBee
Volunteers: Natalia Radinow, Dewa Ayu Eka Putri, Ketut Sana

THANK YOU to our Funders and Sponsors!

IBMF Bali 2015 sponsors: Akarumput, Antida Music Productions, Betelnut, Canarias Crea, Cokkonfeksi T-Shirt Factory, The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program, Dek's Studio, Cafe Havana, Geria Ola Creativitas Seni, The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, Keboi Soci, Kopernik, Krisna, National Endowment for the Arts, Pemda Gianyar, Percuaction, The Bali Pernati Center for the Arts, Rumah Sanur, Suly Resort Yoga Spa, The Zellerbach Family Foundation

Photo: McKay Savage via Flickr | Home page photo: Mariano Cecowski