International Body Music Festival
Body Music in Concert

CROSSPULSE and the INTERNATIONAL BODY MUSIC FESTIVAL present BODY MUSIC — a touring concert of traditional and contemporary Body Music artists from around the globe.

From tundra to tropics, people snap, clap, step and sing artful music. BODY MUSIC ignites audiences with music you can SEE, dance you can HEAR.

Kecak, Hambone, Zapateo, Saman, Stepping, Throat-singing, Beatbox — it's the oldest music on the planet, and it's brand new.

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR KEITH TERRY, pioneer of contemporary Body Music, brings you a deeply visceral, cross-cultural conversation that only the world's oldest instrument, the body, can reach.

Bookings can include Educational Outreach in the community: workshops, family outings, teacher trainings. Concert programs curated from the roster of International Body Music Festival performers, from 3 to 21 artists.

BODY TJAK: Collaboration between Corposonic (US), Çudamani (Indonesia) and Barbatuques (Brazil)

THE AMERICAS: Corposonic (contemporary, CA, US), Inuit Throatsingers (traditional, Nunavut, Canada), Danny Slapjazz Barber (traditional, CA, US), Tekeyé (contemporary, Bogot´, Colombia)

KEITH TERRY SOLO or DUO with EVIE LADIN: Virtuosic, contemporary and traditional American Body Music

Concerts may also include ensembles KeKeÇa (Turkey), Kantu Korpu (Greece), Molodi (US), and soloists Sandy Silva (Canada), Max Pollack (Austria), LeeLa Petronio (France), and others

Mr. Terry and his colleagues in action is like visiting an ANATOMICAL CARNIVAL, where hands, feet, fingers, bellies, rumps and mouths engage in an endless MUSICAL BALLET.